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Spider is an increasingly popular 2 deck solitaire game.

Spider was Franklin D. Roosevelt's favorite solitaire game. The rules to Spider are fairly simple, but winning the game can be difficult. Some hints are available here.

You can play Spider online for free. Or download a Spider game and play offline.

Spider Wizard is the original Spider solitaire collection. Play Spider and its easier variations Spider One Suit (all the cards are of the same suit) and Spider Two Suits (only two suits of cards). You can even create your own Spider variations.

Pretty Good Solitaire is the world's most popular solitaire game with 870 different solitaire card games, including Spider and 56 other Spider type games. Play offline and full screen with beautiful card sets. You can undo and redo every move, which is very helpful in Spider. You can even see how your scores compare to others.
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Pretty Good Solitaire - 57 Spider Games |  Spider Wizard - 16 Spider Games

Pretty Good MahJongg - Spider with MahJongg tiles

Action Solitaire - Play Spider against the clock for points

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